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Laugh it off, He’s got it!

Hello there;

Lately, this has been on my mind and I thought “what if I share?

That Wednesday morning I woke up feeling like I’m all by myself in this world (there’s actually no reason to be when I have God and surrounded by wonderful family and friends) But you know Mr devil has this cunning way of poisoning people’s mind and making us feel “No you can’t do this! Yeah exactly what I felt, some people say it’s “Having your moment” which comes up sometimes but I think in reality it’s actually letting the devil finally mock us while we squeeze our beautiful faces.
As I struggled with my inner self, trying to at least wear a fake smile so no one would ask me what was wrong.That word came exactly when needed: “Those who look to Him for help are happy their faces are not ashamed” Psalm 34:5 ooh my! my!! I’m yet to recover from that. You see, God has a way of reminding His beloved that He ‘s never far from them.
Many people have allowed circumstances and everyday happenings to ruin their lives, they believe that they are supposed to be happy only when things go well. The devil is always around to make believers sad, if you wait for circumstances to change so that you can be happy then be prepared for sadness ‘cos you should always be happy no matter what.
I know you might be saying “if only you know what I’m going through you’ll understand why I’m not smiling”, I might understand why you’re sad but that will not hinder the devil from setting in. One of the things Jesus did for us was to remove our garment of heaviness and he replaced it with oil of gladness,forget your problems and magnify God. when you magnify GOD, your problem loose its power.
There is no problem a car can develop that the manufacturer cannot fix, God has the d solution to all your problems. Refuse to loose your JOY no matter what the situation might be .

Don’t say ”I wish I can be joyful always” because in the real sense you are recreated with JOY and one of the fruit of the spirit is joy. Instead of telling God to give you Joy,begin to declare that the joy of the Lord is your strength.

this life sweet no be small, smile while you still have teeth

When you have JOY in the midst of adversaries, its the highest level of faith. I remember this girl at home, shes always smiling or laughing no matter what you do to her, even if u shout at the top of your voice angrily at her ,she returns the favour by giving you that “smile Jesus loves you” kinda smile and you stand there like “Yeh! did I just make a fool out of my self” (I’m sure you know how annoying that can be) I used to get angry but later I decided to learn from her, because it’s actually a good spirit, and a habit everyone must cultivate. Learn to exalt God in your challenges by remaining joyful‘cos with joy you can access divine help, success, favour, revelation. The problems you have now is not special or different, Please stop transferring aggression on innocent people, you can decide in your heart to smile more, laugh hard and let people wonder if you’ve gone nuts because”they that sit in heaven shall laugh ” psalm 2:4 Enough of all that self pity, don’t go about calling people to tell them about your predicaments, the only thing they owe you is “eyaah Pele, it’s well” they’ve got theirs too! Why not Laugh it off, God is in control, put a smile on your face, you don’t have the whole problems in the world .

Keep smiling!!!
“Count it all joy my brothers and sisters whenever you face trials of many kinds. Because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance”
James 1;2-3

That smile looks good on you!


7 responses to “Laugh it off, He’s got it!”

  1. Yea,He that sit in Heaven shall laugh.


  2. Yes oo and we've been raised up with Christ far above and majestically seated with him in the heavenlies


  3. Wow, I just learnt a great lesson. Whatever situation I face, I should let the joy of the Lord be my strength. Thanks Honey


  4. Yeah…a merry heart does good like medicine…a broken spirit dries d bones…..glad u can relate, keep smiling!


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