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December feeling!

Hello beautiful people;

I’m extremely excited to have entered into this month, it’s not even my birthday month or something, not  that I’ve been ungrateful to God for the past 11 months but there’s this feeling “December” brings. I’m grateful for life, friends, family and everyone I know. I thank God for God, if E no be God where would I have been? (I don’t even wanna imagine)
We have a lot to be grateful for whether we admit it or not. I have decided to share this month with you guys reasons to be thankful to God since the year is rounding up, a lot of deadlines to be met, loads of expectations, many unfulfilled promises, marriage plans etc
everything might not have worked out like you wanted but guess what? you still breathe.
Relax, God’s got it!

Okay so, I noticed I didn’t share my motive for this blog in the beginning as some people keep asking….well, I guess it’s never too late.
First of all, I would like to start from the Genesis:
Years back when I was in primary school, my teachers loved me, when we use to have our end of the year party they always wanted me to participate in activities like dancing, singing etc they tried me in all of these but no matter how much they did, I just wasn’t good enough (it just wasn’t my thing). I remember one of my teachers back then (Aunty Nkese) we had this inter-school dancing competition, because she liked me she decided to include me in her calabar dance troup (emi ke, I can’t even shake body…how shall I cope?) she would bend my back, but this back was just too stiff abeg madam lemme joOr! Lol
She got frustrated and one day she had to remove me……I pity her sha chai!!
 ( I can dance now sha, even if its “komole” I even joined choir in Uni sef…yup yup, I can do all things through christ…hehe)

As young as I was then, somehow I felt bad for not being able to dance as good as my friends, I would tell my self “why can’t I be like them?,” Thank God for my primary four teacher who groomed me, when it comes to poems, Idioms, writing haaaa, you can’t beat me oooo! I remember he would give me several pages to cram and write over ther weekend…Shout out to my primary four Uncle (forgot his name though) you’re the real MVP
I knew from there that “this is me, this is my calling, this is my talent! I still enjoy them till date.
You know that “shoulder pad” feeling when you are the only one singled out to read pages of poem off hand (in my head, I knew I was genius in my unique way) I don’t have to be like anybody…I am specially and wonderfully made!
Fast forward, years later while I was in the university we had a sisters programme tagged “Fashioned for His purpose” since then I’ve been on the quest of finding my purpose, I read several books on purpose until I discovered I had the treasure in me.
Everyone has a purpose on this earth, until you discover and fulfill it, whatever you become,whoever you are would be worthless
I read that we are God’s handiwork meaning that he created us for something,the book of mattew 6:33 says we should seek His kingdom first before other things.
I searched and decided I would use my writing ability (my talent) as one of my instruments in fulfilling God’s purpose for me.
That gave me the inspiration for this blog tittle “Passion, Purpose and People”
I have passion for a lot of things which I would be unveiling, and hope to fulfill my purpose by affecting lives as much as I can, I love people around me even though I’m not the type to quickly jump at people, I observe from afar. But every little encounter I have with people, I always draw lessons from it ( I look at it from my inside eyes and apply spiritual knowledge….hehe)
Whatever you do, make sure you please God first in it and affect people’s life positively and then everything would work out just fine!
In this beautiful season, purpose in your heart to touch a life positively with what you’ve got, God gave you for a reason……stay blessed!!!!!
Big shout out to all the december babies out there……you rock!

4 responses to “December feeling!”

  1. Hmmmm..w ve got so much to b tnkful for…yoruba says it is he who has nt been to d battle field dt calls himself a man,itx been God al d way…imela papa…Proud of u sis,keep writing,keep fulfilin ur purpose and to mention dt my sis Nike here looks so beautiful


  2. Thank God for your life @ honey, you are good at the photography thing, I see a celebrity photographer. I pray God gives me the riches of the gentiles so I can help the poor and needy, will like to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries at ophanages,so I can touch more lives. I love the feeling I get when I give from the little I have to some particular poor children in my assembly, I love the looks on their faces when I buy them snacks, I wish I could do more, that's my calling.


  3. One of my mentors always say: If it's in your heart, God will put it in your hand…as long as your desire is to fulfil His purpose, He will surely make ways…tanks for sharing, God bless!


  4. @ayobola amusa…it is good to give thanks, proud to have you too, thanks for the encouragement!


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