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If you had another chance!

Hey lovely people,
It’s a new year…yaay!!! Even though it’s a month already just like the business men say : “time na money” a lot has been happening to me since the year began, it’s been quite overwhelming but I feel like God is trying to show me something.
Actually, I’ve been having this strange feelings about everything, my new friends, place I work, people around me, place I live, things I say, what I do. It just feels like I pressed “REplay/Rewind button on my video player, it think it’s called: Déjà Vu (having a strong sensation that an event currently being experienced has happened before)
Yup! Yup!! So i’ve decided to take advantage of this feeling positively. Someone once told me : “if I have to come back to this world I would come has a billionaire’s child, another said “Ha! African people too get wahala, if had my way,I would come as an American.
You know there are those times you wish you could Just turn back the hands of the clock, maybe we
would undo those wrongs, wish those death of our dearly beloved never occurred, perhaps stop that
ungodly relationship, never have chosen that career…stuffs like that!
The question now is what if you actually had that second chance? What would you do differently? Someone might say : “oooh that’s simple” but it’s actually complicated without deep understanding
What if I told you’ve been given a second chance already that very day you made Christ Jesus your Lord! Until we all have the knowledge that God has
given us the opportunity to start everyday of our lives as a second chance, we might continue to live in the

old. Yes! To be realistic you cannot undo the past, but
 I remember He told us to” Forget the former things, never dwell on the past”
When we start to live in the consciousness that “we are a
new creature and old things are passed, all things have become brand NEW then everything gets easy!
In the consciousness of this “New life” I’ve learnt that making everyday count is God’s will for us….”We may plan the way we want to live, but only God make us able to live it” (proverbs 16:9) so I’ve promised to live each day happy, show more love to people around
me, bear the fruits of the Spirit, follow God’s will, break limits, conquer fear and do exploits.
Wheeew!!! This thing oyinbo people call Déjà Vu isn’t just feeling, it’s a reality check.
Like an adage says: “Every day is a second chance” how have you been living / would like to live your
 second chance?

3 responses to “If you had another chance!”

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  2. Hmmmm….truth being told. Our past is just to straighten our future, with Christ all crooked past will be straighten.


  3. Yeah..Only in christ can we have a glorious future


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