Chronicles of a girl that found GRACE!

Are you over your ex or still sitting on the fence?

Hello there, does this sound like you ?

“Lord, I’m split in two, 

Part of me loves the world

and the other loves You

So, what do I do?

I wanna be saved

but I got to stay cool, too.

And no I’m not a fool

I know eventually I’m gonna have to choose

and, really I don’t wanna lose

My ticket into heaven

And a chance to be used by You”

You are not alone, I feel this way too, but the only help we need to go through this struggle is the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.
                                                 Ephesians 6:12

Him: Go ahead, tell them. Tell your family, your friends and everyone about our new 
relationship;about our new love!

Her: How? You know how I love privacy, I really hate public display of affection (PDA)

Him: What’s there to hide? I put a smile on your face, I re branded you, look at how gorgeous you appear

Just look in the mirror and see the new you, no longer the one that sees yourself as a disadvantage ‘cos

You are now royalty. The same society you are hiding me from called you low class, ugly, misfit, nonentity and all sorts of name.

I was the only who saw a treasure and brought out the best in you.

Her: You don’t understand me, it’s been a fight for me but you know maybe the past just keeps

Calling and I can’t help it, I turned back to look! I used to live in a totally different world before, my Ex made me a liar, I lied about everything…..well, maybe I shouldn’t call those lies ‘cos he told me to say them in the most pleasant way ever, I created an impression for people already. I know you changed me but no one would believe me If I tell them I changed, they would mock me.

Him: Did I not tell you when  you first met me that I forgave you?

It wasn’t funny leaving my glory  to take the shame off you. I was stripped even though I never stole a dime. I was beaten and nailed as if I committed a murder.

All your past are wiped away already just ‘cos I love you

So…what is your excuse?

Her; Errrrm…errrrm okay love, what would they think of me when I start telling them I found a new love, I finally confessed the abusive relationship I had with my ex, and that I am no longer the one they used to know ?

My friends would call me a WEIRDO, the society would lock me out

What about the trends, the thing is I still want to be noticed, I still wanna attract the opposite with my eye popping outfits, I still  enjoy the skeleton hidden flattery…..please understand!

If I ever open my mouth to tell them, I would be alone, They’d all go!

HIM: There we go again, I’m so hurt.

When we started this courtship you promised to represent me always

What was the confession of love for?  Are you cheating on me?

Babe, you can’t eat all your cake and have it, Don’t you remember our motto?


Her: No …o.oooo Lord  (crying) I …….

HIM: Don’t be ungrateful and selfish

You actually haven’t introduced me to your family and friends

Yet, the love I have for you is “LOVE BEFORE SIGHT”

I loved you from day 1, my father knew the day you met me.

He ordered that there be dancing and rejoicing in our kingdom

He even looks forward to seeing you the day I finally bring you home as

My bride(wife) But, if you keep getting ashamed of me, I will also deny ever

Knowing you when my father asks.

Her: I love you…..I really do

Him: Then prove it! Don’t tell me you love me,

If more than anything you care about

The feelings of society at the expense of our love

You keep chasing after what appears to

You as gold, they are mere gibberish

Gibberish made by your EX to take you back

Her:( sobs) I never knew

Him: You are slowly depreciating ‘cos you

You never asked me for knowledge

I’ve got the wealth of nations with me

Stay with me and you’re an automatic ruler

Ruler over even your EX and his colleagues

Just so you know, my father’s kingdom is so large

It will accommodate as many as you invite

That’s the only way to be wise

That’s the only way to make me happy

If your love for me ain’t just theoretical

Bring them in! All of them!!

Her: Yes I do love you, you will no longer

be the only one to know, what’s the point

running helter skelter when I have You in

my life

But how do I bring them, please teach me

Him: Now, because you’ve asked,

I will tell you: it’s simple

Tell them about me

Tell them about how I brought you

Out of the dark shackles your

Ex put you in, how I made something

Out of your Nothing

Tell them how I saved and have since loved

you, tell them about my Father’s kingdom

How it’s able to accommodate plenty,

Tell them All you know about me

Her: I promise I will, I don’t care right now

All I want is for them to be loved

Like I am, all I want is for them to be

Filled with peace and Joy like me

All I want is for them to be free at last

Enough is Enough!

Him: Now give me a hug

You know I will always love you

If I didn’t I won’t bother letting

Them bring the garment of shame,

Reproach and death on me

It wasn’t an exciting moment

Shedding my innocent blood

I endured all for you and

That’s why I’m telling you

to tell them same applies to them

Relax…all I need is your partnership

Do not fear, I’ve got your back!


No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other; or else he will be devoted to one and despise the other. You can’t serve both God and Mammon.”
                     Mattew 6:24



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