Chronicles of a girl that found GRACE!


Hand made turkey by my talented nieces and nephew and we used it as our picture background

“Let us come into his presence with thanksgiving; let us shout with songs of praise to him.”

Psalm 95:2

Happy new month people!, ain’t you excited the year is wrapping up so fast and I think most of us are beginning to reminisce about all that has happened since the year began. Things didn’t go as planned? no worries, God’s got you. The good news is……wait for it,  you are still alive yaaay!! It really doesn’t matter what didn’t work out at the end of the year, what frustrations or heartbreaks you’ve been feeling or felt, that disappointment that has made you doubt the existence of the almighty God. What matters most is as long as there is life, there is hope!
I remember having a conversation with my sisters about how people in this part of the world fall into depression easily, this conversation was triggered while on a bus with a homeless man, we tried gisting with him just to make him happy a little ‘cos according to my sister, these people feel lonely and have no one to talk to, while discussing with him, we realized he was smart and at some point must have been educated but look at the devil(aka destiny destroyer) he can’t live the life planned out by God for him, it’s such a pity though. The poor guy has to go through life sleeping in the cold without a hope for the future and drinking his life away! the painful part is that he would never have that in his life goals. According to him, he started from depression(first place the devil attacks us is by stealing our joy). We see a lot of homeless people around and we think it’s almost normal for them but the truth is some of them were once rich, had great career with beautiful family but just a slight manipulation of the devil and his past becomes history. Sometimes it’s hard to judge ‘cos they never chose that, no one wants to live a miserable life but then, life will always happen. Frustrations, failures, pain, abuse, are real but what is more real is JESUS CHRIST, looking on to him brings peace and that relief that in this world, we shall eat the good of the land. Look at you, you have a roof over your head, trust me we ain’t better, like a songs says “I am not lucky but loved”  so are you!

Don’t mind crazy Mr devil telling you the year is over and you will never be who you planned to be, he lied!!!!. Where was he when you gave your life to Christ? he couldn’t stop 

you right? He has no say over your life, why don’t you start looking at the other side of life.
The other thankful side of you, he woke you up this morning(more than enough reason to be thankful)
While in medical school, I learnt about drugs to make you sleep, drugs to keep you awake but 
what about drugs to wake you up in the morning??(think about this, people pass away from sleep)
Conclusion of this long sermon……Eje ka ma dupe (lets be thankful in good and bad times)
Last week was Thanksgiving celebration in USA, which I think should be a holiday around the world.  There are too many cranky and frustrated and naggy people already please, do not add to the list! Money won’t give you all that joy, great career won’t! people transfer aggression from work overload to innocent individuals, without taking out time to pause and remember the provider of the job in the first place. We take a lot for granted.
So last week,  thanksgiving celebration was so much fun with my family, if there’s anything God has given to me which I cherish most, it’s my family. I didn’t choose them but God gave me the best, we had much fun praind we are super grateful for God’s blessings. I am sure God would be smiling on the throne ‘cos He inhabits the praise of his people.
As the year wraps up, take out time to reflect on the faithfulness of God and ask yourself:
what am I thankful for??


Bride of the day “Mrs Turkey”

Who rocked the turkey better, me or my sisters??

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