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THE FINAL CONTEST MOVIE (What would you do?)

Hello sweeties, it’s the month of LOVE (please do not judge me, I know valentine has long passed and its almost February ending, but better late than never. What do y’all say?)
I have been thinking on  what to put up on my blog that talks about love and this season in general especially to all of us still single and productive(P.S you are still single until you are married).
This is gonna be a very unusually long post, so let me just get  right into it. It’s a movie review..yaaay!!, or better still let’s call it a movie summary ‘cos I’m talking about my lessons at the end.
The tittle of the movie is Final Contest I stumbled on it one night on YouTube and I couldn’t hold back my laughter that night, it’s a Christian/Drama/Music/Comedy genre.
It tells the story of a guy called “Akande”, an illiterate Christian brother, he was not financially buoyant, had a very bad fashion sense, to add to these qualities, he had a very thick Yoruba accent that makes him sound funny when speaking English. He was interested in Caroline, a beautiful, well-learned, sophisticated, and God-fearing chorister in his church and had this conviction that this was his God ordained woman. However, Caroline got carried away by her beauty (maybe because almost all the single guys in her church have asked her out) she based her selection on just physical attraction, she practically forced her way into the life of one handsome and rich but non-Christian guy(Austin).

Akande had been having this feeling  for Caroline for about two years but he was too scared to approach her until he kept on seeing her in his dream and decided to seek counsel from his pastor, after several counselling  and word sharing, his pastor advised him to follow the will of God for his life. Thereafter, Akande decided to go after Caroline, he tried all he could because he was so convinced about this lady, but the more he persisted, the more irritating he became to Caroline. She did all manner of wicked things to discourage Akande from chasing after her but he just wouldn’t. On some occasions, she called him names, poured water on him and even disgraced him in public.
Here’s the thing, deep within Caroline, she knew Akande was the person but she just couldn’t see herself marrying that kind of guy. Another character  was a guy called “Marcus”, good looking but rude, proud and an unrepentant lair also in the same church, he also liked Caroline and was always lying that the Holy-Spirit revealed to him that Caroline was the one for him.

 At first, Caroline was also attracted to Marcus but because she was getting more attention from the other rich guy, she turned Marcus down.

Akande now really frustrated, prayed and went back to his pastor to tell him all that has happened. The pastor advised him to focus on his life and God, work on himself to be a better person.
He followed the advice of his pastor by relocating to the city to further his education and probably work on his talent(singing).
Fast-forward to seven years later, Caroline has now learnt her lessons in bitter way, after dating Austin for 7 years, he literally dumped her like a bag of trash after using her. At this point, she had no guys coming to woo her anymore, she went to God in prayers and visited her pastor, confessing to him about how the Holy Spirit used to lay it in her heart that Akande was the one but she just couldn’t obey. Her pastor then advised that she find Akande if she can and follow God’s will.
After several frustrating search for Akande, she decided to move on with her life and career. She signed up for a big musical talent competition and was selected for the grand finale.
Guess who was the judge at the finale? our dear Akande, it was so  hard to recognize him now because he was looking so fresh with a well-polished English accent ,looking so handsome.  Caroline felt so sorry about all she did and asked for forgiveness on recognizing him, Akande forgave her and that was how fate brought them back together.
What would you do if you were Akande or Caroline?

This is just a quick summary of the movie, there’s a lot that happened I suggest you watch especially if you are still single. It’s a very educative movie. one of my favorite character in the movie is the pastor and here are some of his thought provoking lines to Akande:

  • You have to quit this fear of not wanting to miss God’s plan for your life.
  • God is more concerned about our lives than we really are and therefore, He is committed in guiding us to the place of fulfilling His purpose for our lives
  • Most of the times when God is guiding us towards fulfilling purpose, He does not come by audible voice, trance or even angelic visitation. He simply put His love and desire in our Spirit and His Holy Spirit simply guides our steps towards the fulfillment.
  • Most times, we neglect the inner witness because we feel it is too simple to be from God.
  • If you always wait for God to speak through dreams before taking any decisions in life, you are just wasting your time and your achievement will be limited  because that is not the primary way God usually leads His children.
  • Visions and dreams are also biblical ways God speaks but I don’t think you would need to sleep before you hear from your own father.
  • Every dream must always be proved by the witness of the Holy Spirit and by the word of God.
Here are my views according to my notes on the book “Waiting and Dating” by Myles Munroe:
  • There are only two choices  when dating, either you will follow God’s standard by deliberate choice or you will follow the world’s standard by default.
  • Work to completely develop yourself as a single person, be like Adam. Get completely lost in God!
  • God may bring a potential mate across our path, but He does not choose that person for us.
  • A believer and an unbeliever have no basis for spiritual intimacy
  • The first and important question should be “Is he a Christian?” with evidence of spiritual growth, and so should you. 
Share your own lessons /views from the movie by commenting below.

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