Chronicles of a girl that found GRACE!

Ignorantly Disabled

This a very gross and  old story….readers discretion advised.
Have you felt so proud of yourself for doing something you alone in your mind think you discovered? And you are like yeah, why didn’t I think of it since now? This was my feeling one afternoon at school, after eating my delicious lunch, I felt the urge to use the bathroom (which I hate especially if it’s not my house) well….I had to, before we start telling another story. So I got to the bathroom in hope to just pee singing “igbe lo ito bo” in my head  (I know I can be very local at times, see butter life is boring jare sometimes. You gotta show your ibile (local behavior) sometimes. Apparently, the song didn’t work because I felt some serious urge to bear down (let me go medical) because I got to the 2nd stage of delivery. Immediately, I stopped because this wasn’t planned, hence  I got to strategize. I decided to relocate to a more convenient spot. You Know how these bathrooms can be where there are several places to use but there’s one big separated place. You need to see the smile on my face, I said to myself I have come to a place of rest, I shall commence the baby dropping ceremony. So, I settled down completely with my phone in my hand browsing the internet. When I was done with the ceremony. I got up and left but for no reason I was so proud of myself for discovering that special part of the bathroom. “Only VIPs use it ” I said in my head. Fast forward to later days of schools, for every bathroom I used in any department building of the school, I always chose the VIP section. Until one day, I got out from my space and a girl while I was washing my hands and adjusting my wig started looking at me in a weird way, as usual I said in Yoruba language  ( she ko si ooo? abi is it only staff they said they should enjoy ni, I paid school fees I have the right to enjoy too now) she left and I left too, another day came I got to use it and while looking at my self in a mirror I Saw a sticky notes that was posted probably by the cleaner, dispose your tissues appropriately, “someone must have seriously mess this place gaan niyen ooo all these professors sef,” soliloquizing and decided to o check who the toilet is really design ated for,  guess what I saw ? “disabled sign” wow!! I had never looked up before, maybe I should have , I felt so embarrassed and foolish at the same time. No wonder it’s really spacious and different. Chai! Ehen it’s not that bad I Sha didn’t know, P.S (a disabled person is someone deficient of something), may I was…..ignorance is bad!!. If anyone confronted me at that time I would say a big YES! this was for me until I cured my disability with knowledge.
If you don’t know the purpose of a thing, abuse is inevitable!
Ehen….don’t get any idea, I am a normal physiological being and have to exhibit the basic needs of the body like digestion, reproduction and excretion. There’s nothing gross about it, we all do it! I am still the sophisticated and beautiful lady you know.
Jokes apart, I hope you’ve learnt that assumption is the mother of frustration.
Never assume discover the why before the action.!
 Ignorant people get what their foolishness deserves, but the clever are rewarded with knowledge. (Proverbs 14:18)

Oyinkan_God’s treasure

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