Chronicles of a girl that found GRACE!

Birthday Note

Yaaay……is it okay to say HAPPY NEW YEAR? ‘cos it’s a new year for me and I am so excited.
Yesterday was my birthday and I am glad I made it even if that wasn’t one of the devil’s agenda…..but I have a bigger God that loves me.
For my birthday, I was having too many emotions clashing together, should I be happy and grateful for all God has done for me so far? or should I just keep to myself ‘cos “this isn’t the plan”? thank God for God, He reminded me to be grateful no matter where I am, we humans can make our plans but only God can order our steps!
I had a lot in my mind to write for my birthday but something just keep throwing me  back to my note last year  Letter to my younger self , so I decided to put a voice to my writing this year(I hope it’s a good idea, ‘cos most time it feels so weird hearing your own voice)
I am most grateful to the Almighty God, Jesus the lover of my soul and my ever-present help, men will never understand how far He has brought me.
Every year gets better, my paths keep shinning and I keep getting closer to that day when there would be a holiday named after me(WORLD OYINKANSOLA DAY)
I am grateful for my wonderful family, my friends, acquaintances…..
I really appreciate the love that was showered on me, thank you to everyone that remembered to take their time to call or message me, I feel so special(scratch that…I am SPECIAL) thank you!!!
Again I wish myself a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!
Please listen to my birthday poet below and let me know if you like it!



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