Chronicles of a girl that found GRACE!


Hello people…….Bawo ni everything?  I hope we are not getting too busy living and watching others live that we forget the ONE who gave us LIFE in the first place. You know how everyone likes to get “busy”  I remember having a conversation with my sister one time that I am very selective with friends, I  would never make friends with someone that wakes up with no sense of direction, like you should have something to do per time if not, at least use that word “busy” I might be comfortable and not judge you, that’s a joke but you know what they say (in every joke there’s an element of truth). Okay…away from too much seriousness, just thought to share this throwback note I wrote on a lighter mood a while back.

When I was much younger, before and until I got to middle school I used to have this feeling in my head or maybe it’s a reality that I was too beautiful, it all started when my older siblings would bring their friends and they would tell them “oooh your sister is beautiful”, I would never go past saying “hello” to them cos I was unrepentantly shy….I still am, just a little bit now. So one day my older sister decided to put the icing on the cake and bought me one black spaghetti top…..oooh I loved it!  there was a particular day I went to the market with her, I was wearing that top with my long black hair styled and packed beautifully…..all the market sellers couldn’t help but compliment me …..I was so happy, felt so confident and couldn’t stop blushing even though I pretended I wasn’t hearing, no one understands the amount of praise break I was having in my head.  From then on,  I started to wear this spaghetti top whenever I wanna “show them”….wore it till I can’t find it anymore.
Fast forward to high school days(I have a lot of stories to share, I suffered mix of emotional stuff, what Erick Erickson’s stages of physiological development called Industry VS Inferiority  I’m still wondering how???  but it’s a long story for another day. Thank God for JESUS!) so I got this “squadron skirt” plus a green top which says “go lucky bear” or something…that one was reserved for holiday coaching or when I wanna feel fly…I just strap them on…….I remember the first time I wore it and paired it with pink tennis shoes.  I know that’s the trend nowadays but back then I felt so odd because it wasn’t my style….I also remember the days still in high school I would wake up every morning and poke my cheeks all cos I wanted dimples….I thought it adds more to your beauty and commands attention. Now that I think of it….Let me scream like my nephew: WHAT WAS THAT FOR????     

P.S: You guys don’t understand the joy that fills my heart that I could put down this memory, I remembered all these in the car and had to write it down ASAP ‘cos usually, I don’t bother. I have a sister that I call my “MEMORY CARD” she remembers EVERY memory, don’t know how! guess it’s a talent, isn’t it funny how you can call someone else and ask “in the year 1924 what happened in my life??”  that sounds so weird, right? that’s what she does for me. Any more info, contact her (LOL)

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