Chronicles of a girl that found GRACE!

Lessons From Daddy

Hello people,
I am super excited ‘cos it’s the 19th of October and guess what?? it’s my dad’s birthday….. it’s a double family celebration ‘cos it’s my sister’s birthday too, no wonder they share similar characteristics.
There’s a lot to be grateful for about my dad. While growing up, I used to wonder what kind of man would be extra compassionate and concerned about people’s lives than the owners of the life itself. At times we find ourselves in life thinking what’s next to do? my dad is there calculating the next thing for you…lol. Now, I realized it’s because of the immeasurable love he has for his family.
Before I start beating about the bush, I thought to share some of the life lessons I got from Dad and most of them are unconscious seed sown.

Lesson 1:HARD WORK

Anyone that knows my dad would testify, he has zero tolerance for laziness, excuse is not  an answer. He would tell us to work while we are still young, that there would always be a time for enjoyment and rest. At His age, the kind of strength he emits, it’s hard to keep up. I think the people that defined that word “hard-working” they saw my dad’s picture in front of them.

Lesson 2: GIVING
Okay, this particular one is really a painful something, ‘cos some people give to a fault like my dad, When I was younger, whenever we don’t wanna share something someone gave to you, we would say “you don’t give gifts” but he breaks that rule all the time. I know the bible says it’s more blessed to give than to receive but still I feel like receiving ain’t bad, you know why this part is painful, all of his children have this attribute, we would rather give than ask.
Dad would go any length to help people and when some the people return to show their gratitude, he would rather give out the gifts to the people that need it more’cos his philosophy is that “you shouldn’t help someone just ‘cos you hope they would payback someday when you are in need too, God’s blessings and favor are more than enough payment”.

Oh my!!! How can I quantify the level of my dad’s smartness, he taught me that graduating from the university is not the end of learning, even though you can’t joke with education with him, he also believes that learning everyday is more essential, what is you profession, a doctor?, lawyer, accountant, computer scientist, neurosurgeon, dentist, artist, actor, pilot etc? just strike a conversation with my dad and see if you would ever be able to stop, I’m not saying he know s everything, i am saying he learns every day. For example one of the first questions my dad would ask you if you want Him to be your friend no matter your age would be; what do you do/ what are your ambitions ‘cos he likes to learn from people.

Let’s make this brief because it’s a very long story, I haven’t seen that man that my dad won’t be ab;e to face, to matter how vast, popular, important they are..if you are not careful, you might get intimidated by my dad’s level of confidence. I will just stop explaining this one now.

I just wanna say a very big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the Best father in the world…many many more years in good health!!



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