Chronicles of a girl that found GRACE!

Mr. Purpose!

Purpose! Purpose!! Purpose!!! how many times are you called?
Why do you always make us feel stupid when you play hide and seek game with us?
Why do you like to laugh when we go through the hardest of times?
Why have you turned us to researchers?

We are not different from a local Hunter desperately hunting for at least a little rat for his starving family.
Why do you make a grown adult feel like a helpless baby that relies on her mom’s breast?

Mr. Purpose this is is no longer funny, you can’t just sit there waiting for us to study you without any assurance of graduating.
Step by step, day by day, every moment that counts is always bringing either fears or building more confidence in us.
Some of us have started developing logorrhea as a result of too many questions that feel our mind.

It’s not fair at all the way you molded us into high-class beggars, when in fact; we are heirs of the One who “owns the cattle on a thousand hills”.
Look how you’ve made useless without you, we do not see you yet we run after your results, all the early birds and night owls know how they got you the hard way.
Just so you know, some of us are tired of this fight, tired of this race, tired of trying. We really need to settle for reality,  some of us are stereotyped, some of us are rigid and some us really don’t wanna explore!

We just wanna “Be” for the sake of “Being”, we just don’t wanna live our lives worrying if we would ever find or found you.

Well….that would be my like ofada stew without “iru”(locust beans) in it (complete joker), that would be literally existing and not living.
It’s been long torture for us, the biological and physical clock are running out on us and they still come out telling us that finding you takes time, isn’t that ironic?
I’m here to speak on behalf of the rest of us; we cannot wait forever! reveal yourself, will you?
I don’t want more people dying without setting their eyes on you.
We would never be able to live without you…I guess. The ones that claimed to have found you have had a lot of stories to share.
The only thing in common I hear them say on the top of their list is “BELIEVE IN YOUR SELF“, that does sound so cliche, but this time I think they emphasized “SELF
Hmmmm!!!  maybe Mr. Purpose was always there in us all along?
Maybe we got too blind to see, we got too tired to explore,
Could it be that we even got too proud to learn from them and got too loud to listen?
Maybe we got to scattered to settle down!
See folks, I just discovered that we are not like them anymore;
I mean the majority that has decided to give up.
One more try and we can become storytellers and the newsmakers ourselves.
Good thing we discovered this early, at last, we won’t have to continue living all our years in cycles.
For the first time, I believe they might be right, won’t hurt to give it another shot…
I’m sorry to announce folks,  this search CONTINUES.
We gotta find it to live that life, to make that impact and be that change.
I guess we still gonna search for Mr purpose anyways!

God help us all!

Find your PURPOSE…. start LIVING!


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