Chronicles of a girl that found GRACE!


Flash back  to when I was a Nurse in Nigeria, everywhere I worked, I had the best of time especially because I like drawing dramas from every happenings whether sweet or sour ‘cos at the end it will add to my list of story archives, so why take life so hard?

I remember one evening, after my afternoon shift, got back and started feeling like I needed to BE MORE, remember my post on Laught it off He’s got it  I didn’t really understand, but that feeling kept coming and I decided to pray and call my sister, without even thinking I told her “I think I am tired of Nursing”, and then she asked me in return “hmmm… what do you want to do now?” trust me, I wasn’t expecting that and so, I couldn’t even give a precise answer, she gave me some suggestions and encouraged me but that question kept ringing in my ears like someone that has tinnitus.

For weeks, I kept on asking myself the same questions, I researched online, read books and of course prayed yet I still couldn’t answer this question, so I got tired and gba kamu(accept my fate) even though it was still on top of my prayer list.
I decided that I was going to be the best in the field, love God and serve him more, I had people coming to me for advice on how to switch to my current field and I would tell them, have you told God?, is it what you want? are you ready? not knowing I was asking myself the same questions indirectly.

So, one day, I was doing my own thing when an opportunity came for me to travel out of Nigeria to further my studies, I was really excited and thanked God for the answers to prayers. Study what? you would ask? wait till you hear it! I looked up the course online, read stories, place I could work with it e.t.c and I was ready to send my statement of purpose to commence other applications to the school.

Fast forward, I found myself one morning as a graduate student of wait for it……..BIOINFORMATICS ehn!!!! then this became my silent  morning poem for weeks “am I really studying bioinformatics?” in case you smiled, that wasn’t funny and that’s why I made up my mind that I would be intentional about who I am getting married to because I cannot wake up on the morning after our wedding and be reciting jamb questions as a poem( “am I really married to this man?”) no pressures joor…that’s a story for another day!

Why did I continue asking myself this questions every morning? I know I said I had done my research online and even wrote a beautiful statement of purpose but it turns out I WASN’T READY FOR CHANGE! It wasn’t what I expected; but my eyes were not closed choosing it, it’s extremely-demanding, it requires a lot of brain-work, it totally drives me out of my comfort zone, you have to be good in deep scientific stuffs and combine all that with artificial intelligence(Information technology) WHAT!!!!! where should I start from? I guess  your heart is  palpitating already?
Sometimes, when God tells us to hold on, we think He is too slow, he might be PREPARING you. It’s interesting to tell it as a story now though, It took a long time for me to leave the stage of DENIAL to ACCEPTANCE did I survive? find out in my next post or on my blog.
 I am a proof that God’s GRACE is REAL!

#Chronicles of a girl that found grace


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