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God only knows when it’s 7:57


Hello People,
Recently God has been teaching me about TIME and I would love for you to be part of this time series with me, I wrote this short piece quickly from one of the many lessons.
God only wants us to love Him
and listen with all ears when He’s trying to show us something.
God uses everything to speak to us if only we ain’t too busy to pay attention
Everything includes non-living things, living things including the loud chattings of children,
Everything Speaks!

God only knows that evening, I sincerely needed a break!
I only wanted to sit back in the car, enjoy being chauffeured to my destination,
And a little surfing the internet here and there wouldn’t be a bad idea.

God only knows the last thing I wanted to do was yell STOP! at the children
With so much inconvenience, I decided to ignore the noise coming from them
Gradually, the noise started bringing meaningful and soothing relief to my tensed nerves.
Who could have thought a miracle could happen in the midst of noise
Amidst the noise, I could hear a distinct voice as I hear them sing:
“God only knows what the time is…..
God only knows when it’s 7:57″
Wait….you say what!???
With so much joy and enthusiasm they chorused again:
“God only knows what the time is…..
God only knows when it’s 7:57″
God only knows how badly I needed to hear that
I still haven’t recovered from this level of love
How can he always love me and pay rapt attention to the worries of my heart?
I would have said it’s just one of those songs kids usually compose, nothing special!
But it cuts deep into my bones.

God only has the best intention for creating humans with two ears,
My ears were opened and I heard His irresistible gentle voice say:
He’s got your time in His hands
It does not matter how beautifully the world has designed and invented the clock, watch or calendardd8c7d_bc3836229939461992acebd327bf4586
They will never be able to tell the correct time of God for you,
He has times and seasons in His hands,
He knows when your watch says 7:57.
He knows the best time for you
What time does the world say it is?
2:05 -You are far by behind schedule, maybe even too fast -10:49?
Oh no! did they tell you that you missed your appointment ‘cos it’s 12:00?
They may claim to be an expert, but they will never be able to tell WHEN
Don’t let them convince you that God is too slow.
He will HASTEN  it and make all things beautiful for you in His TIME
God only knows your 7:57

Inspired by my little nieces and the song God only knows by For King and country
“The least of you will multiply into a thousand; the smallest of you will become a large nation. When the right time comes, I the LORD will quickly do this!”
                                                  Isaiah 60:22

6 responses to “God only knows when it’s 7:57”

  1. Hmmmmm..this is so inspiring..if only we can be patient enough to understand God’ s timing for our lives.
    God is the ancient of days,so, He is not limited by time…..our ways not His, and our thoughts not His.
    He sure knows how to make everything beautiful in His time.
    He never fails


    1. The interesting part with God is that when it is your time you can catch up and even overtake…..patience and faith in Him is all we need. Thanks for your contribution Hayurbholar


  2. Beautiful write-up!!!
    It is through patience we obtain the promises, what we do in the waiting period matters.
    Are we pulling up the seed and not allowing to grow or watering it?

    Patience is key!!!


    1. Hmmm…..patience is key, thanks for reading


  3. God is the beginning and the end yeah… so even before we experience something, He already knows. That’s why He equips us with tools at any time we need help from Him. It’s only God that knows when it’s 7:57. No one can tell that for me coz they can’t see into my future as my God can. There’s always a room to experience wonderful if we are willing to embrace the opportunity.


    1. You are right…..He knows the end from the beginning that’s why we are not qualified to time Him

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