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Rejoice in Your Gift

This reminds me of jonathan mcreynolds song: comparison kills.
This post is so needed and relevant as humans it just comes naturally to start comparing. We all need to rely on Jesus the one that has set the pace for a good life already.

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God's Unfolding Grace

Hello Greatness,

Stop looking for ways to pull others down or point out their faults. Be more interested in your own gifts and how to develop them!!!

One of the biggest ways to get discouraged and become an underachiever is by comparing yourself to others. I know it’s sometimes pretty difficult not to compare yourself to others when you find them doing the same thing as you, and it seems like they’ve gone farther than you have. Been there, done that!! However, it’s better to ask questions rather than start to compare your journey with someone else’s. I’d be the biggest liar if I tell you I’ve never compared myself to anyone. I try as much as possible to stay happy for that other person. If pride doesn’t get the best of me, I ask them how they got to where they are. I could learn a thing or two…

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