Chronicles of a girl that found GRACE!


This is true life, painful story, and I’m sharing ‘cos I have been relieved. Funny how we can be mad and chase after the wind when we could just learn to enjoy the breeze. Anyways this blog is about my confession of my long term jealousy of a well known and respected woman. No,  I’m not crazy, it’s just what I caught my self doing. Feel free to confess your sins in the comments too(LOL).  I hope you learn like I did!

SPOILER ALERT!: We are besties now and she’s my woman crush today



You keep getting on my nerves

You are just an impossible match

Every single day, all I do is struggle to be YOU

I have read your biography more than a billion times

If you ask me, I could spit it word for word

It’s not a complicated textbook whose terms I can’t comprehend

Like a newly downloaded application, I have installed YOU in me

Unlike a lot of impatient people,

I took extra time to read every single line about YOUR rules before “accepting your terms and condition”

After all these, I still feel like I know little or nothing about YOU

I am so frustrated  because you are a WOMAN like me and I still struggle to meet up with your standards, your beauty, devotion, compassion, business attitude, intelligence, discipline, education, talent, charisma, and even YOUR fashion sense

I have tried!!!

I have tried so hard!

Somedays, it looks like I am getting “there”,

other days, it’s just so hard.

Jealousy is beginning to eat me up like a sumptuous plate of Jollof rice!

I’m just wondering, is this another term for COMPETITION?

That’s not even the point!

I want to be like YOU, is that too much to aim at?

Look, I know this is creepy but I looked into your schedule and compared it with mine

but I ended up getting all stressed up when I found out my schedule is busier!

What exactly is my definition of BUSY?

What is the EXTRA I do that still didn’t get me to keep up with YOU?

Following your steps? trying to always fit into your cycle?, trying to fit into your sparkling “SHOES”?

This race just turns out to be in circles!

When I decide to take a break and see what’s up on social media

I see women like me tagging YOU again on their profile

Hashtag #proverbs31woman……….what!!!!

Are there a lot of US in this race? have we made it so hard for you to decide who the winner is?

Looking at our lives truthfully, are we just trying to identify with who YOU ARE  and faking the idea of US being called YOU?

Maybe we should have spent time looking on the inside to find our WHY or better still depend on the one who knows us more than we think we do!

What’s the point trying to fit in when we can soar?

What’s the essence of being called HER when we’ve been given a  name?

What is the beauty of being unique when every one of us is trying to follow the same path?

Why didn’t I realize, Until HE told me;

“SHE is just an example of what a Godly woman should be”

I wasn’t made to be HER!

Now it makes much sense to me when HE says;

“You are fearfully, wonderfully and carefully made in GOD’S IMAGE, not HER image!”

His words are for me to learn

It’s my responsibility to be who HE has called me to be.

So, permit me to end this baseless competition, war, jealousy, the hatred I had for  you; How-to-Stretch-Shoes-Make-Biggermy sweet proverbs 31 woman

I will always respect, learn from you and most of all; LOVE YOU

Thanks for being yourself the whole time, One day at a time I will continue to enjoy being me too. You will always be my woman crush

ouch!! my feet hurt so bad from a long walk in YOUR SHOES!



Each of you must examine your own actions. Then you can be proud of your own accomplishments without comparing yourself to others.  Assume your own responsibility. Galatians 6:4-5





13 responses to “A WALK IN HER SHOES”

  1. Wow…… this is absolutely incredible. I’ve been in competition with her too. Trying so hard just to catch up with her. Now I’ve realized it’s better to be me than try tonbe someone else.

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    1. Yeah….every Godly woman wants to be called proverbs 31 woman…..when God made us unique and the stories in the bible are for us to learn and practise bringing our own version into it!


  2. Funny how we struggle to be someone else when we can work to be the better version of yourself.

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    1. I feel like its just “Human to do that” no wonder the bible says we are in the world not of the world


  3. Ayobola Ogunbanjo Avatar
    Ayobola Ogunbanjo

    The irony of this whole story is that you are already one, but in your own way.
    So it’s funny how one can compete to be who one is already in life, because we refuse to look deep enough inside and see how much of the best we are trying so hard to become that we have been.
    Her days, time, exposures and experiences were different. Hence that will influence on her character. You will be shocked to see how much you have in comparison with her in terms of schedule, character and virtue.
    So, the moral is to learn toapprecite oneself enough that one sees no need to strive to be someone else.
    Because, at the end of the day, you are much more then you think.

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    1. That’s life, while we are killing ourselves trying to be someone else many others are using us as their “ideal person” it takes a matter of knowing who you are and enjoying it


  4. This is absolutely lovely and great. Am speechless. This is actually very true. Sometimes I try to walk in other people’s shoe because i want to be like them but its very frustrating. And God gave me a word “comparing yourself with one another is not wise”.
    I realized being you will give you greater peace than trying to be someone you are. I even asked myself if I actually walk in this person’s shoes will I even love it. God has a different purpose for everyone and we are very unique.

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    1. You are absolutely right…..we are made for different purpose and if you try walking other people’s path you might miss your own beautiful journey. Even though some people’s journey may look more interesting its better to be happy for them and concentrate on ours ‘coz every step counts. Thanks for reading


  5. Wow! What an amazing piece, God bless you


    1. Thanks…..God bless you too



    The greatest favor anyone can do for themselves in life is to be, and remain the unique individual God made them. Many times, people get frustrated, depleted, angered, bittered because they want to be like the other person. unfortunately, it’s wasn’t; and will never be in God’s plan for His creation to be like the other. We were created uniquely for a purpose by God. Ttrying to be the other person defeats that purpose. Our meditation should be, Lord, what’s your purpose for me. If we were created to be like the other person, then God would have given everyone the same FINGERPRINT. Our prints are unique, that no one one can have it, not even “identical twins”. There is absolutely nothing wrong with admiring, or taking notes from those who we like to shape or pattern our own purpose in life after. But there is something wrong when we try to be that individual. Just one man started the creation of cars, but today, there are many auto makers. They did not try to be like the first auto maker, but they took notes and learnt things that helped them also to succeed in their own purpose of auto creation.

    People need to be taught about their uniqueness of purpose. Unfortunately, many are victims today, people trying to be what they see on social media.

    I stand for uniqueness, self-love, and bravery.


    1. Wow thanks so much……I’ve also learnt that you are the best version of yourself and you are happier when you don’t follow others footstep


  7. Reblogged this on Growing in Grace and commented:
    Hello Greatness,

    This post is one of the very great ones and I thought to share it will all those who haven’t read it. It paints a picture about comparison and getting to love you for your own strengths.


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