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MR kripule’s Beach

Hello Blessed Readers,

I have a story to share, it’s about someone I know. Yeah, I know I didn’t get his permission before going ahead to share his story, but I know He would understand.

Hey bro, I don’t mean to betray your trust this way but your story has lessons in it.

Okay…story time!

I had this friend; Let’s call him Kripule

I know, it’s not a fancy name but I chose the name because his situation kinda rhymes with the name. Since we all like to describe people by their situation sometimes i.e the blind girl, that boy with a big nose, that woman that had leg surgery, etc like they don’t have a name….it’s sad, but unconsciously, we do that!

I know by now, you already guessed right that Mr. Kripule is Cripple and don’t judge me for having a cripple as a friend, he’s human too! ain’t we all one family in Christ Jesus?

So, Mr. Kripule lived in a very nice island called Bethesda and obviously, you know it would be surrounded by beaches, lakes, rivers, etc692ocean_Aerial159s_USE

His House was not too far from a popular beach named after the island, all sorts of people come from around the world for vacation. Apart from the fact that it was beautiful to take Instagram pictures, the beach water whenever it starts to bubble, performs all sorts of miracles including healing.

Before you start claiming you know where this story is leading, please calm down and read on. For 38 years Mr. Kripule lived in this popular area but the irony is that he never even visited the beach once!

Familiarity right? I guess so too!  You know how we don’t value what we see every day and give meaningless excuses like; it’s not far, I can always go, I’m good at this course, I don’t need to study…..yeah! anytime people asked why he didn’t go he would say that he wasn’t fit enough to get there.


Same shoes of excuses my friend kripule kept wearing for 38years! My friend also had a serious inferiority complex, which also added to his reasons for not visiting. There was this certain day, a very important personality visited this beach and decided to take a walk around the neighborhood, and he stumbled on Mr kripule:

“Hello, my name is Mr J, nice to see you outside this sunny afternoon….wouldn’t you like to go with me to the beach to get some cool air? and get yourself up walking around.Mr. Kripule replied:

“I have no one to take me there and put me in the beach water, In this condition; I won’t be able to swim and when the water bubbles for healing no one would be able to get me in there as fast as possible. Also, whenever I check from my balcony, I see a lot of queues, as you can see, I can’t walk; they will always get in front of me”


Fast forward to the end of this story, Mr J helped him and my friend Kripule could walk again! Finally visited this beach after 38 long years of self-pity. My point for sharing his story is that I learned a lot from Him, I know he finally got his healing and all but:

  • He made his present situation steal His confidence and he didn’t even bother trying, all he does is making assumptions of failure in his mind.
  • In 38years, he could have tried to endure the queue, knowing that no matter how many times people got ahead of him, if he remained on the queue he would get there.
  • It’s the little steps we make trusting God that results in a bigger miracle, you can’t just sit and wish, an effort is needed
  • Before we all start judging Mr. Kripule, most times we also share common similarities with him. Mercy might have saved him, but he needs continuous confidence to sustain and even experience better miracles.
  • Also here’s a very short poem I wrote inspired by Mr Kripule:


 The little additional formula

Becomes a whole baby diet,

“That little baby steps

Becomes a confident walk,

That continuous move even in fear

gives a whole definition of growth.”


I am sure you already know who my friend is, in case you don’t, this is the story of the man that was healed by the pool of Bethesda by Jesus. (John 5: 5-11)

 “We have forty million reasons for failure, but not a single excuse.” ―Rudyard Kipling



The sick man said, “Sir, when the water is stirred, I don’t have anybody to put me in the pool. By the time I get there, somebody else is already in.”

8-9 Jesus said, “Get up, take your bedroll, start walking.” The man was healed on the spot. He picked up his bedroll and walked off.

John 7:9

2 responses to “MR kripule’s Beach”

  1. One thing I learned from this story is that God is not interested in what you have;qualifications,connections, beauty, money etc or do not have;disabilities, fame, etc.
    He’ s more interested in us taking Him at face value, trusting Him without questioning, and not having to consider how possible the miracle is; after all His ways are not our ways.
    This is something God had been teaching me recently.
    Absolute trust that relies on nothing and no one but Him.
    Nice write up.
    I love the way the character and story came along.


    1. Yeah….God wants to be our ALL THE TIME OPTION…. thanks for reading


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