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A FORK IN THE I start now or rest a little?

So she tells herself, “this year I am going to get to the peak of my career, I would be more devoted to God more than ever and also work on building my talents and exploring what I love; and before I forget, health is wealth! I would watch out on how to keep healthy!

Sounds like a good plan right?

So, she went to her closet and got herself a pen and a diary

“The Bible says to write the vision, isn’t it?” soliloquizing

“I really want to accomplish these goals this year”:Businessman Writing the Word "Goals"

  1. Serve God more devotedly
  2. Get to the peak of my career, be the best at work and school
  3. Work on my passion/talent
  4. Be healthy
  5. Reduce my social media binge

I know her plan looks a lot like most people’s “new year resolution” and at the end of the year, we feel burned out and so angry we haven’t really accomplished those goals.

What do you think prevents these goals from being actualized? I know you are screaming “a lot of obvious reasons” but it’s funny how it’s easier to point out our own daily mistakes when reflected in the lives of others.

Hey! I have no right whatsoever to judge you, that’s the default settings living in the “flesh” brings.

Let’s continue the story, so she wrote these goals like every determined or disciplined person would but guess what? they are super UNREALISTIC!

For example, she wrote for the first goal that she wants to be more dedicated to God this year, without steps and actions, and the same applies to the other goals and I think that’s because she wants to be “safe”

She would say to herself “at least I wrote it down” but deep down she knows she’s not making any progress, ‘cos there’s nowhere to track how far she’s going to get to the peak of her career and it makes her free of “being pressured” since she has no recorded steps or plans anyways.

Furthermore, no one can ask her any questions on what she’s been doing towards achieving her goals, she is “FREE” from being accountable to anyone, she only tell them stuffs like ” I would make sure I get to the top of my finances this year”  and if she doesn’t; no one can hold her responsible.


One of my spiritual mentors always says “You are responsible for the outcome of your life” and that always hits me hard all the time. However, as much as that saying is very true, we also need to be accountable to other people.

I remember sometimes last year, I announced at home to start drinking water, I know that sounds strange to you; but yeah, I have that unhealthy bad habit of not drinking water just because I feel it’s colorless and tasteless; like excuse me, is water supposed to be colorful??. Yes…please! how about fruit juices, wine, malt drink? but let’s not wash my dirty linen here, a story for another day….lol!

So, I told everyone that I would start drinking water at least a bottle every day, someone in the house was kind to buy me a water bottle and advised that I infuse lemon and cucumber in it just so it can be “tasty”. Guess what? everyone in the house became my watch-dog, watching at every corner if I was true to my declaration, “are you still drinking water?” I was so overwhelmed and frustrated even though they do it out of care and concern.

Being accountable to people you trust and love is very important, you can’t just live your life carelessly! that’s what I have realized, note that I said “people you trust and loved ones” ‘cos it could be a disaster if it’s the other way round, I’m not saying you should go about announcing your dreams and goals to the world. All I’m saying is to find someone, like someone ahead of you, your friend, family to put you in check.

I know I have drifted from “her” story a lot but that’s the point anyway, so basically;

from the goals she wrote, she isn’t being sincere to herself, and the funniest and mind-boggling part about some of us Christians is that we love reading the bible halfway, notice that at the beginning of her story she quoted the bible  in Habakkuk 2:2,

 And the LORD answered me: “Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it.”

She picked the first part only; “WRITE THE VISION”,  perhaps we shouldn’t judge her yet, maybe she forgot the last two sessions: “make it plain” and “run with it”

I think God already knows the type of “Humans” He created, never patient with anything, when he says “go”, we never wait to hear the route or address, we just fly off and get lost in the end.

The Lord said after writing the vision/goals make it plain;  like put it on your walls, your screen saver, your phone lock-screen, your calendar, your alarms, everywhere, tell someone you know that can guide you, make as many rules as possible just to stay focused ‘cos anyone can write goals, in fact, it’s a yearly routine/cycle that has been named “resolutions” but not everyone let what is on their mind out because of the fear of being “reminded/bothered” about it.

And the last thing “RUN WITH IT”,  lol…this part made me smile ‘cos that’s the essence of the title of this post, but I guess it’s good that we started at the root before we go further, that would be in another post but I won’t change the title.

A Goal Without a Plan Is Just a Wish sign on desert road

“She” was so full of herself (satisfied with just writing her goals) that she lacked the ability to run when she needed to. I know her problem could be wrapped in a four-letter word; F.E.A.R. In addition, she never wanted to leave the mansion (comfort-zone)  she had built. It’s good to write goals, but following through is better!

How can you WRITE YOUR GOALS everywhere, tell someone about it and still have the strength to RUN WITH IT? Let’s continue this series in subsequent posts.

I know somehow we all can relate to “her” story, please feel free to share your experience with writing your goals/visions in the comment and how much you put into it.

And, NO! NO!! NO!! don’t let anyone lie to you, you can NEVER do it alone, that’s why He said:

But he replied, “My gift of undeserved grace is all you need. My power is strongest when you are weak.” So if Christ keeps giving me his power, I will gladly brag about how weak I am. [2 Corinthians 12:9]



P.S: This post was inspired by a book I stumbled on, titled: FINISH WHAT YOU START by Hollins, Peter.

I know this didn’t happen by chance and I highly recommend everyone reading this book, indicate in the comments if you want me to email you the copy of the book.

Before that, let me share with you some points from the the first chapter :

Chapter 1. Stop Thinking, Just Execute

  • The art of following through is something that allows you to create the life that you actually want instead of settling for the life you currently have.
  • It can be said to be composed of four parts: focus, self-discipline, action, and persistence—all equally important.
  • However, it’s not just as easy as knowing you have to do it and thus doing it. There are powerful reasons we don’t finish what we start and follow through very often. These reasons can generally be split into two camps: inhibiting tactics and psychological roadblocks.
  • Inhibiting tactics are the ways we plan against ourselves without even realizing it. They include (1) setting bad goals, (2) procrastination, (3) indulging in temptations and distractions, and (4) poor time management.
  • Psychological roadblocks are the ways we don’t follow through because we are unconsciously protecting ourselves. These include (1) laziness and lack of discipline, (2) fear of judgment, rejection, and failure, (3) perfectionism out of insecurity, and (4) lack of self-awareness.

If you read up to this point: I Loooooooove you and thanks a lot!



5 responses to “A FORK IN THE I start now or rest a little?”

  1. Ayobimpe Amusa Avatar
    Ayobimpe Amusa

    Wow, this is a wake up call.
    We need to follow through , not just in the writing. Thanks for the post.


    1. Yes…because like they always say “easier said than done!” may God give us grace and may we be willing to pursue


  2. Abiodun Alawode Avatar
    Abiodun Alawode

    Thank you.😀

    It’s very easy to write those goals, but sometimes very difficult to actualize because we are self accountable, (permit the expression). This could be dangerous sometimes because it’s makes us to procastinate, and keep us in our comfort zone(masion) as you mentioned. It will really help if we can have a confidant who we trust to help us arrive at the peak of those goals by constantly keeping us in check.


    1. Thanks for reading………sometimes we really want to but the discipline to follow is not always there!


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