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I’m Unique like that!


How is your summer going?, my birthday was last month and I feel bad for not having a post about it, even though I actually wrote myself a birthday note like I always do but it’s stored in my archive, hopefully, I will share it one day…..Lol

I have a simple question for you……what’s unique about you? I feel like this is one of the top questions they ask at job interviews and we often answer with a well prepared, fully detailed epistle of different varieties of our uniqueness, but the irony is; when we just get randomly asked: “oyin, what’s unique about you?” you either take few seconds to pause to answer that or answer with another question: “why do you ask?”

To be honest….as simple as that question can be, it’s sometimes really tough to answer especially if you really haven’t taken extra effort to study yourself, you would battle with your conscience when you try to answer that question. People often mix this question up with: “what do you love doing?” if you answer is dancing. singing, playing soccer; ain’t there a million and one like you on this earth already? I have come to realize that you are not unique because of what you love, it’s the EXTRA  in what you LOVE  that makes you unique.


Sometimes last month, I attended a singles event at my church, and we got to this session of the event where every single is supposed to interact, getting to know each other, we were given a list of questions to ask minimum 4 people (of course the opposite sex, but your girl and her shyness, started with females like her lol) it was weird to me at first, but I started warming up to people after a while, so I decided I would stop hiding and mix with the opposite sex, it became fun for me anyways….as I said my last statement: “nice to meet you”  with the last person I was with and turned to take my seat, I bumped into this guy( don’t even go there, it’s not any GHEN GHEN moment…lol), we exchanged greetings and began asking each other the questions on the list, one of the questions asked was “what was the last book you read?” that’s not the story for today!

So, we got to one of the questions that asked what makes you unique, can’t remember if it was stated exactly that way but that’s kind of what the question meant, as usual without too many deep thoughts, I listed my “uniquenesses” writing, reading and a thousand more….lol. So I asked him the same question and he replied with only one thing. Wait for it…………”I am a good listener!” what!!! that was definitely the last thing I would want to hear especially since it’s not a job interview where we all try to sell ourselves(if you know what I mean), but hey….. I could feel his thick confidence as he said that, you can tell he wore his uniqueness glowing. I paused for a few seconds and said “wow!…nice” was I impressed? NO!!!! I was challenged to find the more in me instead.

It got me pondering even after the event, in this world we live in; where everyone has their own ‘updated version” of opinions about anything and everything, there are still some people that can still boldly say “I’m a very good listener”?  If that’s not uniqueness, tell me what that is.

If you know me well….I love to observe people before getting attached to them, so I tried something with him by striking some random conversation and I observed how well he took his time to get every detail before giving his opinion…should I judge him instantly on the first impression? that’s not the story here…..I love how he was bold about his uniqueness. (first impression goes a long way though!)

We all need some personal adventure on ourselves, some soul searching and personal revelation of who we really are….knowing fully well that what makes you different is not to impress anyone. No matter how weird your uniqueness is……be unique like that!

My question again……What makes you unique? please comment below

Stay Shiny,


“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” Psalm I39 VS 14







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