Chronicles of a girl that found GRACE!

#Grateful heart series (part 1) I met an Angel


Have you ever heard about angels? have you ever doubted that they even exist? well, I’m a living testimony of the fact that angels are real. Some few years ago while I was serving as an NYSC corper , I was travelling back to my place of assignment where I had been serving. Took the bus but the bus took a different route and I had to alight to jump on another heading to my final destination. As I alighted, with my bag, looking for the next bus, I noticed a guy walking towards me, but never thought he would actually approach me so I took my eyes off His direction. Then he walked up to me asking for direction of some place around ( I can’t really remember the place right now) I wanted to answer him and let him know I’m not familiar with that area plus I’m the last person anyone should ask to describe a place (I can’t even perfectly describe where I live) but all I could do was shake my head (which meant “NO”), he asked a second time, I shook my head again….you would think he would give up by now, but for the third time he asked again! that was when I knew this can’t be normal, I really wanted to scream and tell him to leave me alone but for some reasons words failed me (now that I think of it, it was God, ‘cos apparently people said they do that to people and if you ever talk, then you get hypnotized which allows them to perform whatever evil act they wish).

I started getting scared , which made me start walking as fast as I could away from him; but I noticed the faster I walked, the faster he walked up behind me and before I could even think of anything; I noticed that he had some accomplices, apparently they hid themselves in strategic locations so they could catch their victim to avoid escape, they all started walking towards me, I became more afraid (you would think at this point I should be shouting JESUS on top of my voice, but like I said earlier, I still couldn’t talk, so I called JESUS in my mind). The scariest part for me was the fact that it was an open place, a car park where a lot of people could have seen what was happening and come to my rescue( yes! they actually saw everything)

I thought it was finally over when the market women saw how those guys were scaring me and they couldn’t do anything, instead; what I started hearing was women speaking in Yoruba language “wo n tele girl yen ni ooo” ( they are following that girl) what??? So you are aware but you couldn’t help? I knew at that point it was only God who could save me from those guys, at some point I started running and this guys were running to catch up with me (meanwhile, I was still calling JESUS in my mind because I still couldn’t talk) at some point I became so tired, at the verge of giving up and they almost caught up with me.

Suddenly, I saw a guy come to me and held my hand (thinking about it now, I didn’t know why I allowed him hold me…..what if he was part of them?)  after holding me, he just waved at the men running after me and like a movie they all ran as fast as they could away from me. This strange guy helped me cross the road to the other side, asked where I was going, paid my transport fare to my destination ( I couldn’t say much to Him ‘cos everything happened so fast and I was still in shock but I managed to ask for his number to thank him when I get home) as soon as I got to my destination still shivering from the incident, I got his text asking if I got home safely, I tried calling that number, up until today; that number is unreachable!

Shared my experience with my colleagues and friends, they told me God loves me, that location was a known place where youth corpers were killed, raped, hypnotized, robbed and that it’s been like that and no one has done anything about it ‘cos that place was an established place for evil.
I still haven’t recovered!

What are you grateful for????

"If you honor the Lord, his angel will protect you."  (Psalm 34:7)


4 responses to “#Grateful heart series (part 1) I met an Angel”

  1. Hmmmm….thank God for His saving grace…He always protects His own…it could have ended otherwise, and no one is better than anyone, it’s just grace.Am glad you could live to five the testimony now.
    I am grateful for everything…everything

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    1. Thank God for His Unfailing love!


  2. Hmmmm, thank God , if not for His mercy where would we have been?


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