Chronicles of a girl that found GRACE!

Thanking God for Life #GratefulHeartseries3

Hello Brightness,

Trust everything is going well as the year is drawing it’s curtains, I am back with another episode of the series, you can still catch up with them if you haven’t.

This week I have a very special someone to me to share with us her testimony, drum rolls…..My sister!!!!! I wanted to tell you how long I’ve known her but obviously she is my sister and I have known her all my life, growing up with her was interesting; Let me gist you a little about one of the unforgettable memories I have with her.

That year, it was the eve of Christmas and for some reason I still don’t know why but we were all told to fast, I mean; who fasts on the eve of chrismas………..well, we did! So, that afternoon; we were all prepping food and all for Christmas the following day. I was assigned my portion of the chores, my sister was part of the ones cutting the carrots for Christmas fried rice (what is Christmas without fried rice and Jollof?) I guess she started getting tempted to eat the carrot she was cutting but she didn’t want to break her fast yet, so she decided to pull a fast one on innocent me; she aske “do you want to cut the carrot?” I answered yes and gladly took over, unconsciously I started eating the carrot I was cutting (You can’t blame me though, it’s the eve of Christmas for crying out loud) I ate it thinking no one saw me…..few minutes later, she walked in and asked me “is the carrot sweet” and innocently I said “oooh yes!” I hope you get the joke…..she literally led me into her own temptation.

Here’s her testimony:

“In 2009, one of my friends invited me for a wedding on a particular weekend in Ibadan. I took permission from my office to attend the wedding so I left for Ibadan from Abuja on a Friday and got to the address sent to me successfully. I was ecstatic that my friend was getting married, we have been through a lot together, we had just overcame an educational setback ; story for another day. My friend is a perfect host, she had booked hotel rooms for some of us so we could be comfortable away from the inconveniences of the family house so I had a stress free night. The next morning was the D-Day,  it was an emotional day for most of us but my friend deserve to be happy. The wedding went well and we had fun then, it was time for everyone to return to their destinations, I told the bride that I was set to leave but she insisted I stay the night at the hotel as she already booked for the night. I told her that I already packed my suit case and I was set to go. I was determined to board a luxury night bus that usually stop to carry additional unbooked passengers called ‘sole’. So I headed to Iwo road under bridge, it was an unusual night, most of the busses were filled so only a few stopped to pick few passengers. It was getting late and soon it began to rain in torrent, i was already between the devil and the deep blue sea. I couldn’t possibly go back to the hotel because I don’t want to disturb somebody’s bride at that time of the night and returning to Abuja was impossible that night. I was so confused on what to do and the rain didn’t help matter either. I had to defy the rain when it refused to stop completely, I began to walk towards where to board a taxi so I could  locate any hotel around, by this time, I was completely soaked to the inner wear, I became exhausted but kept walking on the flooded road, suddenly, I fell into a drainage filled with rain water, I struggled for life, how I got out of that drainage, till today, I can’t still fathom it. I could have died just like that. I struggled out of the drainage, dripping dirty water, it was in that state that I  took a bike instead to any hotel, I was taken to one ‘hotel’ that looked more like an abandoned project, finally, I was grateful for having a place to put my head.  I’m grateful to God for life, I could have drowned in that drainage but an invisible had brought me out.

Note: I never informed parents about the journey, even my friend didn’t get to hear this story.”

There is always a lot to be grateful for when we decide to start counting our blessings, if not for anything for the privilege of existence in this year of pandemic! It’s officially 8 days to the end of the year and Christmas is in 2 days…..we made it guys! So as we celebrate this festive season let’s remember the reason we all are celebrating and the giver of life……on that note, this would be my last blog for the year, wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy prosperous year 2021



You crown the year with Your goodness
         Psalm 65:11a

2 responses to “Thanking God for Life #GratefulHeartseries3”

  1. Thank God for His Faithfulness..He knows how to keep His own from troubles. Thank God for your life sweet sis.


    1. God will always protect His own


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