Chronicles of a girl that found GRACE!

  • I’m Unique like that!

    HELLO, BRIGHTNESS! How is your summer going?, my birthday was last month and I feel bad for not having a post about it, even though I actually wrote myself a birthday note like I always do but it’s stored in my archive, hopefully, I will share it one day…..Lol I have a simple question for… Continue reading

  • Pot of Commitment…..Cold or Hot?

    Hello, brightness! I know this post is almost overdue as I promised in my last post to continue from where I stopped, so today; because of the nature of the content, I won’t be writing my post in a poem format like I mostly do. We are learning about a popular word called C.O.M.M.I.T.M.E.N.T Commitment is a… Continue reading

  • A FORK IN THE I start now or rest a little?

    So she tells herself, “this year I am going to get to the peak of my career, I would be more devoted to God more than ever and also work on building my talents and exploring what I love; and before I forget, health is wealth! I would watch out on how to keep healthy!… Continue reading

  • The girl with the many crowns

    The girl with the many crowns

    Hi, Blessed readers, I have a story of a lady I am really proud of today, I hope you can relate and figure who this girl is……Lol Here is the story of a girl, She walked into this earth two decades ago, not sure what life would offer, but the ONE who brought her knows… Continue reading

  • MR kripule’s Beach

    Hello Blessed Readers, I have a story to share, it’s about someone I know. Yeah, I know I didn’t get his permission before going ahead to share his story, but I know He would understand. Hey bro, I don’t mean to betray your trust this way but your story has lessons in it. Okay…story time!… Continue reading


    This is true life, painful story, and I’m sharing ‘cos I have been relieved. Funny how we can be mad and chase after the wind when we could just learn to enjoy the breeze. Anyways this blog is about my confession of my long term jealousy of a well known and respected woman. No,  I’m… Continue reading

  • Rejoice in Your Gift

    Rejoice in Your Gift

    Originally posted on God's Unfolding Grace: Hello Greatness, Stop looking for ways to pull others down or point out their faults. Be more interested in your own gifts and how to develop them!!! One of the biggest ways to get discouraged and become an underachiever is by comparing yourself to others. I know it’s… Continue reading

  • God only knows when it’s 7:57

    Hello People, Recently God has been teaching me about TIME and I would love for you to be part of this time series with me, I wrote this short piece quickly from one of the many lessons. God only wants us to love Him and listen with all ears when He’s trying to show us… Continue reading


    Flash back  to when I was a Nurse in Nigeria, everywhere I worked, I had the best of time especially because I like drawing dramas from every happenings whether sweet or sour ‘cos at the end it will add to my list of story archives, so why take life so hard? I remember one evening,… Continue reading

  • A year wrapped in LOVE

    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019….. So glad we made it!What does LOVE mean to you?Are you in love?Do you love God, your neighbour?How about loving yourself? Thank God for the many lessons in the year 2018, I have learnt that when  God said LOVE is the greatest (1 Corinthians 13:13), it carries so much weight.I have heard… Continue reading