Chronicles of a girl that found GRACE!


Halo! Kak dela? Don’t mind me, decided to start off with Russian maybe I miss my Ukrainian folks sha..

So during the week, I attended this burial ceremony and the priest made a statement that struck me like a ton of bricks ,he said: “whether we like it or not we’d all die someday but the most important is what would you be remembered for?
It’s actually deep for me ‘cos I checked the way some people live in this present world as if they would never die which made me flash back to the rich fool in the bible, when he was feeling fly with himself and said : “Here’s what I’ll do: I’ll tear down my barns and build bigger ones. Then I’ll gather in all my grain and goods, and I’ll say to myself, Self you’ve done well! You’ve got it made and can now retire. Take it easy and have the time of your life!”
I like how God replied him:”Fool! Tonight you die. And your barns full of goods, who gets it?”
“That’s what happens when you fill your barn with self and not with God” Luke 12:18-21
Hmmmm….when I took time to reflect on that story, I just felt God shouldn’t be blamed with the way some people end their life in a pitiable way after the heavy loads of cash they’ve got in their bank accounts, visa to different parts of the world, houses, cars, companies etc
There’s this song my kid sis and I learnt from a yoruba movie some years back, we had just finished eating a sumptous meal when this song came from no where, innocently we sang”Bamu Bamu ni mo yo, emi o ma pe ebi npa omo Eni kankan, bamu bamu ni mo yo(I am so filled, I don’t care if anyone is hungry) yeah….I know, sounds like the rich fool’s song, we had not finished the song when my mother shut us up, I was shocked but I got it immediately when she told us the meaning of what we were singing she said “Instead of you to sing praises to God for even giving you the privilege to have food and can eat” shout out to my mama and all the good mothers out there….you rock! if she hadn’t corrected me then, who knows the kain mentality I would have had about life.
Let’s take a lesson from this rich guy, he had more than enough harvest, he never thought of God who helped him, providing rain and sunlight he never mentioned his immediate family, not to even mention his neighbours, maybe some of them are even dying of hunger sef , his community wasn’t even on his mind. All that he was concerned about was his selfish interest, I’m sure in his mind he would be like when I was toiling day and night, sweating and working my ass out where were they?”
But guess what? when he finally dies,all the luxury of this world would wave him bye bye he knows nothing and people”s comment wouldn’t be nice some would call him a stingy man, he refused to care for the needy around when he had the capacity, may he rot..chai! And then his so called “riches” would be shared just anyhow, those who didn’t sow would reap his harvest….some might even spit on his grave in anger
Hmmmm….what would people say about you?

when you could, did you do all you can to help the ones in need around you? and I’m not just talking about money, it could just be a piece of advice that would change someone’s life, your talent/gifts you refuse to use which could benefit others that you shy away from( some people are actually destined and waiting to be employed through you but you’re holding their destinty) might be that idea you refused to share that could have changed the world or even that attitude/behaviour.
Speaking of behaviour, some people’s behaviour are nothing to write home about when they leave a place, people around there breathe a sigh of relief (Ha!!!! At last) while some people’s reputation speaks well of them even they die to their generations.
Was discussing with my friends about how I’m gonna be rich in this world some times back and someone Interrupted ” You see, me I don’t wanna be rich, as long as I can eat 3 square meals, buy a car, build a house and take care of my immediate family”
I was shocked ‘cos that’s totally selfish, we were all made for a purpose on this earth, you have to think of impacting the people around you and not just your family.
Whatever you are, whatever you do make sure you live a life of what would people say about me?
Let’s eradicate the “rich fool syndrome” from our lives….in your own little way, let people feel your absence in a positive way!


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