Chronicles of a girl that found GRACE!

Chronicles of Grace!


    Hello Brightness, I know I didn’t try this time; I left you guys hanging since a whole 2019! (singing the song “pardon me, abeg pardon me” 😀). If you haven’t read part 1, I think you should read it here so you can understand and follow up on the continuation of the story. So, the… Continue reading

  • Get back on His Promises

    HELLO BRIGHTNESS, How have you been? I know….it’s the end of the year and everyone has been up to a lot! It’s natural that end of the year is the most time people put pressure on themselves , making sure that all the resolutions for the new year are followed, meet up with deadlines, and… Continue reading

  • My Emotions vs The Word

    HELLO BRIGHTNESS, Welcome to the tenth month of the year….yay! So it won’t be a bad idea if we start with a verse to meditate on this month, shall we? “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent… Continue reading

  • The girl with the many crowns

    The girl with the many crowns

    Hi, Blessed readers, I have a story of a lady I am really proud of today, I hope you can relate and figure who this girl is……Lol Here is the story of a girl, She walked into this earth two decades ago, not sure what life would offer, but the ONE who brought her knows… Continue reading


    This is true life, painful story, and I’m sharing ‘cos I have been relieved. Funny how we can be mad and chase after the wind when we could just learn to enjoy the breeze. Anyways this blog is about my confession of my long term jealousy of a well known and respected woman. No,  I’m… Continue reading

  • God only knows when it’s 7:57

    Hello People, Recently God has been teaching me about TIME and I would love for you to be part of this time series with me, I wrote this short piece quickly from one of the many lessons. God only wants us to love Him and listen with all ears when He’s trying to show us… Continue reading


    Flash back  to when I was a Nurse in Nigeria, everywhere I worked, I had the best of time especially because I like drawing dramas from every happenings whether sweet or sour ‘cos at the end it will add to my list of story archives, so why take life so hard? I remember one evening,… Continue reading

  • Wheel Back Wednesday

    Hey wonderful people, I know it’s Wednesday and everyone one is crushing on a woman that inspires them today. I actually planned to do mine….. Unfortunately, in my case, I’ve left the crushing phase and I am not ashamed to say that I am JEALOUS of her with a passion, it’s a long story so we’ll leave… Continue reading

  • Lessons From Daddy

    Hello people,I am super excited ‘cos it’s the 19th of October and guess what?? it’s my dad’s birthday….. it’s a double family celebration ‘cos it’s my sister’s birthday too, no wonder they share similar characteristics.There’s a lot to be grateful for about my dad. While growing up, I used to wonder what kind of man would… Continue reading


    Hello people…….Bawo ni everything?  I hope we are not getting too busy living and watching others live that we forget the ONE who gave us LIFE in the first place. You know how everyone likes to get “busy”  I remember having a conversation with my sister one time that I am very selective with friends, I  would never make friends… Continue reading