Chronicles of a girl that found GRACE!


  • Challenging The New Year

    Hello Brightness, Happy new year and I hope this year brings you all of the shining lights of God much more than you can ask for. Two days ago, I came across a post on Instagram that requires that you write your buzzword for the year, asides from the theme for the year in church,… Continue reading

  • Mr. Purpose!

    Purpose! Purpose!! Purpose!!! how many times are you called? Why do you always make us feel stupid when you play hide and seek game with us? Why do you like to laugh when we go through the hardest of times? Why have you turned us to researchers? We are not different from a local Hunter… Continue reading


    86400, 1440, 24 ……. those are not just numbers, No, they are not the amount in any form of currency I owe  anyone, But then you could be right, society often exchange it with the word MONEY Maybe it’s the balance I’ve got left in my account! That’s not even where I am going, Those… Continue reading

  • THE FINAL CONTEST MOVIE (What would you do?)

    Hello sweeties, it’s the month of LOVE (please do not judge me, I know valentine has long passed and its almost February ending, but better late than never. What do y’all say?)I have been thinking on  what to put up on my blog that talks about love and this season in general especially to all… Continue reading

  • Positive Vibes Only!

    Happy New Year!!!!   Cheers to the new year and another chance to get it right – Oprah Winfrey Let me speak in Bible language; Behold the new year arrives, have you not noticed, this is 2018 the year you thought will take forever to arrive, the year that already has lined up goals from… Continue reading


    Hey!!   it’s going to be an exciting month, I have been having this feeling since early this year to write about the things I’m most grateful for and about His continuous love for me  all this years on Earth hasn’t been my might and like I always say  “I am a proof that God’s… Continue reading


    How una dey? I know say edon tey but make una forgive me. I hope you don’t mind me mixing my English with some pidgin, that’s the vibe I’ve been getting lately.The tori wey I bring today na serious something! okay… I went for a training and part of it was “Customer Service Training” When… Continue reading

  • Respect their Choice!

    Helloooooooo there! isn’t it funny how people can be a preacher but they always contradict what they preach, hmmm…..that’s how my story has been these past months. I know how I get passionate about telling people to invest in what they love yet I abandoned my blog since like forever ( I know right, its easier said than… Continue reading

  • Love Defined!

    Hey lovelies, howz this season coming for y’all? Any plans? Expectations? Like we all know it’s another “Valentine” which we call Lovers day (well… if you ask me, everyday should be). Okay so, for every lovers, couples out there and even the single and productive February 14th is all about showing love. God is the… Continue reading

  • Laugh it off, He’s got it!

    Hello there; Lately, this has been on my mind and I thought “what if I share? That Wednesday morning I woke up feeling like I’m all by myself in this world (there’s actually no reason to be when I have God and surrounded by wonderful family and friends) But you know Mr devil has this… Continue reading