Chronicles of a girl that found GRACE!


Yeah, its been a very long break
I just  wanna share a little bit of what’s been up lately and I hope you get something. So lately, I’ve been having this constant obsession with the cloud, I felt like something was wrong with me at a point until I discovered I was wrong, there was something promising in the end. Stay Blessed!



Radio Public




Hello! HellO ooooo !!!!!!!
Anybody there? Can I get a minute?
Please I need an answer ‘cos
I’m really confused,
Could it be the end of time?
Why is the world suddenly empty?
I find nothing but an open space

So captivating, nothing ever beat the sight!
Every morning I wake, every step I take
Every where I turn
All I hear is the news of hundreds of daily executions
There’s suddenly no gist around but stories full of trepidation
Call me crazy…but in the midst of this
My eyes still see those beaming light of colours
Much more pretty at the later hours
Believe me when I say it’s as plain
as the nose on my face
Before everything gets out of place
I gotta get myself together

My colleagues would call it Hallucinations
My mind tells me it’s imagination
I hurt so bad, I’m desperate for an explanation
Stepping out, all I see is the beatification
Hmmm—–If I try sharing what I see, I’d face countless persecutions
And…..that’s fine ‘cos
I can’t help but smile
I can’t help but scream:
This is charming! Fascinating!!
Alluring!!! this is beyond words!
This is….th..this…this i…is
OOooh tell me its not Aphasia
Words have actually failed me
It’s just Indescribable!

Hey! Please get me out of here
I only need someone
to assure me it’s mere fantasy
Or…. What do we call this?
If you ask me, I’d say “it’s the height of craziness”
Now I get what kids say about the moon
This cloud just seems to follow me everywhere I go
I wish someone would testify to those beautiful colors I see up there
Taking the center stage
Hmmmmm……too much story on this page,
Maybe in the next chapter
I just might find an answer!

So I said to myself… You are in this alone
If you try asking the human expertise
They’d package it nicely for you
And label it the “Charles bonnet Syndrome”
Well….. I guess I’m finally coming to terms
With my fate!

Look!! there it is !!! Ooooh this time more
Colours are added, it was hanging there
50 shades of awesome, comes this time
In a semi circular shape
Staring right in my face as if saying to me
Like a baby “la la la la I’m right in your face

“That’s the RAINBOW” ……..said the VOICE
Damn! It’s the Calmest and most
Soothing voice I have ever heard!
Hold up! isn’t that the gentle voice
That speaks to my soul right on time?

I ain’t crazy afterall
Someone knows
Someone has an explanation to this sudden global confusion
Then He said to me…….”I AM”
I creator of the universe,
I the architect of beauty,
I the master builder,
I designed the Clouds and made them obvious
to remind you never to follow the crowd,
But follow the cloud
See…..what they call “social distance”
Is something my children have always practiced to seek my face
It’s that quiet commune we have daily
When you follow the cloud it gives you direction
And you enjoy divine covering
Because my name will always remain “I AM”
I am with you always till the end
Those colours up there are the varieties of HOPE I gurantee
I showed you the RAINBOW
To prove to you that I am not unrighteous to
Forget my promises to you
To restore to you all that was stolen by the devil…..or maybe COVID 19
Never to allow him control you again
“ECC 3:14″

One more question Lord” I said
why do I feel like I’m alone in this,
Didn’t find a living being to explain to me”
He smiled and said to me
remember I told you, you are in this world,
Certainly not of the world”
I raised you up to sit with me in the Heavenlies”
Be sure to tell everyone you meet that I AM still able to show them marvelous things as long as they let me in…as long as they call upon me. Jer 33:3
Suddenly, a mighty wind of Peace
Was blown on me as I flashed back
To his word in job 22:21
Submit to God, be at peace with Him and everything
Would turn out Just fine”
Wheew!!!! What a relief!



Stay Shining,



  1. All I have to say is hmmmm!


  2. awsome are indeed His ways!


  3. yeah…..God always use the things we see to reveal things to us, if only we'd just look


  4. This is an incredible piece,worth an International award,our Gid s beyond awesome,d wonders of His works are indescribable,none compares to Him in artistry.Well done sis,u enjoyed d piece ,it's deep and filled wit revelation


  5. All thanks to God…the creator of d universe, glad you enjoyed it!


  6. Everytime I think of His goodness, He renders me speechless…so I know that \”hmmm\” feeling hehe


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