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Respect their Choice!

Helloooooooo there! isn’t it funny how people can be a preacher but they always contradict what they preach, hmmm…..that’s how my story has been these past months. I know how I get passionate about telling people to invest in what they love yet I abandoned my blog since like forever ( I know right, its easier said than done). So this month is the month of wisdom and I’ve decided to start applying wisdom in all I do from now as it is said in the Holy book “wisdom is the principal thing“, I shall repent of my campaign but no election kinda preaching, I don”t even know what came over me sef.

Last Sunday I was listening to a sermon from one of my mentors and one of his statements struck me hard, he said “Dream big, start small! Do what you find and in the process, you will find what you like” okay, that”s just about it, my eye don clear. I looked at myself and saw how comfortable I had gotten, remember there was a time you used to pray about what you have now and when you finally get it, it doesn’t feel like a big deal even though you are eternally grateful to God? exactly! Then, you just breathe a sigh of relief and all you can say is: Thank God for God before the angels of God knock your head for trying to belittle His wonders in your life.
Anyway, I just wanna air my view on respecting others privacy. There are certain times in life where you expect things to turn out and it never did, maybe you”ve decided to wait on God to do it in His own time, in a twinkle of an eye God made a way by answering all those prayers when you least expect, you just in awe and probably still feel like its a dream. While you”re still trying to bring it down and probably share your testimony with people, some gangs are out there waiting to tear you down for not telling them the process and I”m like really? does the process matter anymore? (most of the time they are helpless about the situation oo). You take the matter to God, fortunately, things worked together for your good. Hello from the other side, I expect congratulations before the questioning, I know in this current generation, everyday activities, plans are shared with people even before they become reality but let’s not forget that there are still some people who choose to filter theirs. People have the choice to maintain their privacy if they choose to and it should be respected, NO, it’s not being secretive. The point is, rejoice with people when you hear good news about them, don’t ruin the happy moments by asking questions like why didn’t”t you tell me you were pregnant, you didn”t tell me you were getting a new job, why am I just hearing that you left the country? , why didn’t”t you tell me you were building a house, getting a Ph.D.? I”m not saying its wrong but focus on the testimony and not the process, it doesn’t matter anymore. How about asking about what steps they took to achieving it which might event be beneficial like, Did you pray or fast while waiting? what measure of discipline did you use to attain that position, stuffs like that. These are my thoughts, though when you see a private person, just know they ain’t weird, love them like that LOL! Live every day of life in thankfulness to God, it doesn’t”t matter the situation at the moment. One day of favor can change years of hardship, trust me, you will totally forget what you”ve been through when God starts embarrassing you with answers to your prayers. In the process of waiting for your miracle, rejoice with others that have theirs already, it’s a matter of time, don”t get offended they didn’t”t tell you their plans if they chose not to, get excited, sincerely rejoice with them. God ain’t partial, yours is on the way!
Make it your goal to live a quiet life, minding your own business and working with your hands, just as we instructed you before 1 Thessalonians 4;11 


background music: My testimony by Marvin Sapp


4 responses to “Respect their Choice!”

  1. Focus on t testimony not the process- the word in season.


  2. Dream big, start small! Do what you find and in the process, you will find what you like\” this struck me like a rock.


  3. yes….it wont matter anymore when God changes a man\”s story


  4. yeah…by any chance move! glad you were blessed


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