Chronicles of a girl that found GRACE!


86400, 1440, 24 ……. those are not just numbers,
No, they are not the amount in any form of currency I owe  anyone,

But then you could be right, society often exchange it with the word MONEY
Maybe it’s the balance I’ve got left in my account!
That’s not even where I am going,
Those numbers are the calculations that have been made to measure one of the most wasted TREASURE we call TIME! 

Whichever way you choose to calculate it; just one day is left for me to LIVE! and I am stuck between “making things right” and just lying here drowning in self-pity, wishing I had lived a better life.
Each time I look at the clock, I see my life ticking away.
Every second of the clock that ticks, leaves my heart beating three times faster.
Who would have thought the old nursery rhyme we used to recite innocently
would make so much of a big deal today!
“Tick, says the clock, tick, tick,
What you have to do, do quick”
These words have suddenly become my life anthem!

Let me start with the option of making things right,
But, how do I even begin?
did I just hear myself repeat that phrase “how do I begin?”
These same collections of words brought me here.
Ohh! I got an idea, maybe I would start by conquering those fears,
the fear of mistakes, fear of failure, fear of the unknown.
Perhaps, I would add some extra spice of LOVE
and be more concerned about other people and their feelings.

Reality is staring at me in the face and I feel this overwhelming sense of urgency to act fast!
Maybe I should be more compassionate and forgiving
and not claim to love GOD when resenting my next door neighbor is what I call
“my nature”
It’s not that I haven’t heard of HIS command that saysLove your neighbor as yourself” or the one that says “Forgive others so that HE may also forgive you”
But… haven’t walked in my shoes, you can’t tell me that you understand ‘cos the shoe hurts everywhere!
There are bitterness, malice, scars, hurts, embarrassments, recurrent abuses, assaults and loads of other painful experiences that have occupied my heart.
Tell me, where is the space for F“ou”RGiVING when my mind memory is out of space
I don’t even have space for four people in my heart, yet HE said we should forgive how many times again? 7 times 70 times!!!!
I’m running out of time….so what do I do?
Format and Forgive?
That sounds right……..I just have to let go!

Hey! I know it’s just 24 hours left,
But I’m going to readjust my scale of preference
putting God at the top of my list.
All around me are families, friends, acquaintances showing their love
and I’m here, wondering if these display of affection is REAL
or it’s just some kind of compelled protocol
I really do not know!
I shouldn’t have cared whether their love retaliation to me
was sincere or not when I had enough time.
Didn’t HE say we should love even our enemies?
Didn’t HE come to take the scorn, pain, lashes, curses when we deserved to be destroyed?
If His love was conditional, why would HE bother sending His son?
And then I ask myself:
“How selfish have you been?”
My conscience pricks me so bad, do I now deserve this love they are showing me?
Was I ever there for them when they needed me?
Was my shoulder too high when they needed a shoulder to lean on?
Those are the questions that continued to linger in my heart.

When I am gone, would I be missed?
Have I even lived with a sense of PURPOSE?
what generational impact have I made?
Look, I know He formed us from dust
but would that just be all that would be said?

“Ashes to Ashes”
Dust to Dust
Nothing more?
What about my talents,
did I ever use any or just buried them because I am intimidated
and jealous of the “many” talents of my friends?

Ouch!!….my head hurts
I guess self-pity doesn’t even solve a thing!
See, I am an advocate for His Kingdom,
I even have HIS stickers all over
But would that be enough to grant me access to His KINGDOM?
Before you start judging me,
at least I’ve got 24 hours to make things right again
Yes…I have a baggage of excuses and regrets, but right now,
the most important is that I get MERCY from Him and make it HOME!

P.S:  When I took this survey, some people were quick to answer, others took their time which I totally understand! while others are too afraid to give an answer, some even made it look like ahan!…it was a suicide mission question. First, I would say thank you to everyone that responded, I asked myself this same question during my quiet time and the truth is, we should ask ourselves this question daily, most of my friends said they would make things right with GOD…what happen to now? some even said they would encourage others through their words, what happened to now? some said they would be more loving? what happened to now? every day should be an opportunity for us all. For everyone that thinks it’s an ‘about to die question’ maybe you are right!

We all need to die to self so that our eyes will focus on the most important thing…. seeking HIM first, loving others like we claim we love Him. Some people are opportune to have a few days, months, or hours to re-amend things but the question is: what if you don’t get the chance?  are you confident enough that HE would say welcome home or well-done when we finally get there?

“Beloved, if you had only twenty-four hours to live on Earth, would you go about making the latest hairstyle? Would you go after a man or woman to commit immorality with? Would you embark on the pursuit of money? Would you put on those seductive clothes or seduce other people’s husbands? Would you be embittered against someone; would you go about smoking or drinking alcohol?
I believe that if you had only twenty-four hours to live, the consciousness of eternity would dawn on you; you would begin to make amends in your relationship with God in order to make heaven; you would not sleep with unconfessed sins in your heart; you would let go of every form of bitterness and offense; you would not retaliate or reply anyone when you are insulted; you would pray or preach to others and impact their lives positively. You would do everything possible to make it right with God in preparation for eternity in heaven.
Beloved, my counsel is, whatever you would do if you had only twenty-four hours to live, do it now.”

POEM INSPIRED BY Seeds Of Destiny 18 September 2018 By Dr Paul and Dr Becky Enech

Watch out! Don’t let my sudden coming catch you unawares; don’t let me find you living in careless ease, carousing and drinking, and occupied with the problems of this life, like all the rest of the world. Keep a constant watch. And pray that if possible you may arrive in my presence without having to experience these horrors.” Luke 21:34-36 (NLT).



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