Chronicles of a girl that found GRACE!

The girl with the many crowns

Hi, Blessed readers, I have a story of a lady I am really proud of today, I hope you can relate and figure who this girl is……Lol

Here is the story of a girl,

She walked into this earth two decades ago,

not sure what life would offer, but the ONE who brought her knows her end already

there wasn’t any private lecture of the kind of family she’s coming into, so she had zero expectations

the only thing she brought with her was the BREATH OF LIFE, that’s enough to start with, I guess?

This girl can also be described like our favorite “game of thrones” star girl ‘Arya’  as “the girl with many names”

Every stage of her life had a “name” on it!

From the first few years of her life, she was the “pretty chubby girl in the block”,

In the elementary stage, she was the ‘pre-recorded robot that never stops speaking until every word programmed into it was over”, that’s the only thing “they” thought she could do best anyways.

Moving on to her life in the middle school, she was the “shy girl with low self-love”

Fast forward to the university, this girl became different, changed,

she finally found the proper meaning of LIVING

a reason to unapologetically love and accept herself,

she got a whole new definition of JOY, PURPOSE, PEACE

to hit the nail on the head, she got herself a FRIEND and LOVER

a reason to brag to the world.

No, Life hasn’t been all perfect for her, but it’s a different story now ‘cos this girl is CONTENT!

No, Life hasn’t always been a bed of roses, but she still enjoys the sweet ride

She found that Happiness is not what life or anyone brings, happiness is within, happiness is a choice

She knows she is a flower that continues to bloom beautifully, one day at a time

She understands that she is a masterpiece, that her lover proudly exhibits to nations.

And all this started when she accepted  Jesus Christ

Who said she can’t be a “god” even in the human body?

Who says she can’t be called “Spiritual” and still be trending?

Who says she can’t represent Christ and still prosper?

Who says she can’t achieve all her dreams amidst challenges?

Who says she would give up when it looks like the game is over?

Who says she can’t rule the world even when she doesn’t contest for the presidency?

Everyone has a story, everyone has their history, what they do with them differs

This girl is the “POEM”

She is the girl with the many CROWNS!crown+print+tee.png

P.S: In case you still want, to meet this wonderful girl, Hello it’s OYINKANSOLA, how you doing, I just shared a piece of my journey there is “plenty words in the book of kobo” (directly translated Yoruba, oro po ninu iwe kobo) meaning: there’s a lot of stories to share, that’s just a tip of the iceberg. By the way, I had my Msc. graduation with my sisters last weekend and that inspired this content. Sometimes it’s good we give ourselves some “well done” for how far we’ve come, but God still gets the glory.

I gave my life to Christ sincerely and properly in the university and since then, I have had no reason to regret, one step at a time, my path keeps getting brighter, I don’t know how my life would have turned out without Him.

When did you give your life to Christ, are you unashamed of the gospel? share your testimony in the comment. N/B: Grad pics below



But the path of the just is as the shining light, that shines more and more unto the perfect day. [Proverbs 4:18]













2 responses to “The girl with the many crowns”

  1. There’s nothing quite as beautiful as finally realizing what it means to be LOVED. Nothing matches God’s undeserving and over-flowing love. My new birth in Christ came with a huge lesson in forgiveness. Great post!!!


    1. True….when you realize the true meaning of love, it allays every unnecessary fears

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